Some recommendations for what you should secretly be playing on your Android device instead of talking to your relatives or watching football

The holidays are great for feasting and, later in the seasons, some gifting. But the price you pay for these wondrous days off of work includes spending time trapped with your family.

Today’s post is to recommend some games to fritter away your time after the turkey has been ingested and while other people shout at the moving picture box regarding the prowess of men in tight pants with a football.

First, the free stuff:

Frozen Bubble — Did you ever play Bubble Bobble? This is that, for free, for your Android device. I find it very addicting. Also, no annoying ads (that I’ve found) in the game, or inserted anywhere else (like notifications).

Safe Trip (Or Not) — this is basically a version of Milbourne (the card game) ported for Android. You can play against AI or against live opponents. I have a soft spot for this game in my heart (a lot of people procrastinated through college playing Mind Sweeper or Solitaire, but I did it playing an electronic version of Milbourne for Windows), and for the price of free, it’s well worth the cost. Also, no in-game ads, or inserted anywhere else that I have found.

Drop Words — I have a word game problem. The first step is acknowleding your addiction. Unless acknowledging it means its easier for you to find games that let you indulge your addiction. Drop Words does this masterfully, with relatively decent graphics, for free. Also, no in-game ads, or inserted anywhere else that I have found.

Farkle Dice — I discovered this game by playing it with my nephews as a dice/board game the first time. This is a free version with a Western theme. Some ads in the application, but its the best implementation (for free) of Farkle that I’ve found on Android.

Next, the demo stuff (free, but if you want super coolness, buy the full version):

Barr Lite — This is a time based management game where you try to get the ordering right within a pirate barrrrr in a two minute window; the difficulty goes up with each level. Lots of amazingly blatant puns, and apparently pirates like to kick back with a good console game now and again. You guessed it: I bought the full version.

School 26 — I like story games. A lot. You get to affect things by the expressions you choose for Kate, the hero. It’s more of a Choose-Your-Own Adventure by setting your moods, but I liked it enough to pick up the full game. Also, the idea of actually beign popular in (at least) a high school locked in my phone might have influenced me heavily here.

Draw a Stickman — This is technically free only through three levels (two more if you share the game). I LOVE drawing fire and burning things; it’s way more legal and productive than actually burning things in real life. You, too, can use the “magic pencil” (ie: your finger) and help your Stickman find his kidnapped friend. You also draw clouds for water and thunder, and I’m sure various other things as you go up in levels, but I was most captivated by the fire. Did I mention the bombs? I actually shelled out for the full version because, dude, BOMBS.

Farm Tower — This is a physics puzzler using rectangles and farm animals. Yes, you try to “rescue” oddly square-shaped farm critters from balancing precariously on structures that only a mad giant would have left them on. Removing the right blocks, leaving the right ones in place, adn working around permanent blocks keep this thing a lot more exciting than it sounds. I have had this game on my last three phones. So yes, I shelled out for the paid version, Farm Tower Pro. Because, seriously, if you’re going to do physics with farm animals, there should be a “pro” in the name.

Finally, the not-free stuff:

Knights of Pen and Paper — This combines the best of hack-and-slash roleplaying with the cheap jokes and constant monster bashing of an Android game. For $2.99 I’ve had a couple of week’s worth of entertainment while waiting in line for things. It seems replayable (I’m on day 667). Want the Dungeon Master from the old Dungeons and Dragons TV show to be your DM for this game? You can purchase the option with money you earn playing the game. Want to be TPK (total party killed) by Yoda? That can also be arranged. Use in game “gold” (that you can, at this point, only earn in game) to build up the room in which your adventurers are playing to give extra benefits in the adventure itself. You can, of course, also use it to get standard (and sometimes very non-standard) adventuring equipment. This is what I’m going to be doing while the rest of the family shouts incessantly at the men playing football who cannot hear them.

The Devil’s Attorney — This is like a fighting game from the 80’s, but instead of being matched up against ninjas and burly men in denim, you’re fighting lawyers (and the main character looks like  a reject from Miami Vice). Lots of excellent voice acting, items you purchase help you in future fights (through money gained in current fights), and the fights are turn-based, so those of us without the gift of mashing buttons very fast have a chance of not dying fast. The story is actually pretty funny and well done (I am hoping they will release additional “cases” eventually). For $3.00, its got good replay value: I’ve played through twice (different specs for my lawyer) and I find myself picking it up and fighting other lawyers randomly because, hey, it’s fun.

Life Quest — This is a time management/story game mash up. It’s the same game available through Big Fish Games for the PC, but in a portable Android format. It’s questionable if, in reality, you want to live your life to show up your school classmates, but it’s basically the name of the Life Quest game…well, if the game weren’t called “Life Quest.” For $1.99 you get a very replayable game–challenges are the same each time, but how you choose to resolve getting jobs, buying furniture, managing pets, etc. is up to you. I have played through it more than 10 times already; I think I’m addicted to ending up with a Mansion and a big car. Note, I just noticed there’s a free-to-play version, so technically this should be in the category above this one, but trust me: you’ll want to just buy it outright.

Pocket God — Finally, there’s Pocket God. It’s a “game” in that you effectively mess with a primitive tribe that adores and worships you, while you can strike them with lightening, drop bird eggs on them, and/or feed them to sharks. There’s a lot more than that, and for $0.99 they keep coming up with new, cool things to add (such as a “Winning” mode and the ability to play a cat person, turn into a zombie, etc.). I did mention the lightning, right? Fortunately, they’re virtual, so when you feel like killing your relatives after being trapped with them all day, you can whip this out and take out some islanders instead.

I hope that you have a lovely holiday!

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