Live Wallpaper Art Appreciation – Gauli

I have fallen for artist Gauli on the Amazon App Store. His live wallpaper is not interactive like other papers I’ve adored (such as Pixel Zombies — where you can use nuclear strikes to stem the epidemic or help the zombie hunters or, you know, kill everyone and everything–or I Love You Not–where you can abuse a voodoo doll to get out your frustrations).

However, his work is in an art style I find quite beautiful. Impossible women, curvy artwork, unusual colors, and items that float gently by (or ladies, themselves, that float gently).

ImagePhoto is courtesy of Amazon, and is part of the Nossia Beauty Theme, available on Amazon for free.


He also has the Star in the Sky free version (as noted in the image above) available on the Amazon store, as well. This has been my background for several weeks, though recently I broke down and purchased the full version so I could get access to all the cool additional stuff (such as falling hearts, etc.).

The rest of his work is a little more expensive than the standard 99 cents that many live wallpapers are, but you have a lot of control over the various items that move around on the screen, and color options, etc. The more options available, it seems, the more he charges — the most expensive is Edena (below) for $2.55 (click the picture for a video of the wallpaper itself), but most of his creations are under $2.

ImageFor those of you more into the scenery than into the specific subjects of art, he also has Edena’s Garden:


and Paris Winter


Note, as previously mentioned, I’m kinda nuts for live wallpapers, so you’ll probably see more appreciation posts in the future. I just finally broke down and installed the paid versions of most (but not all) of Gauli’s work, and decided to share it with you, the reading public. Gauli is not paying me to represent him (not that I’m above such things, I’d just tell you if I was), and neither are any of the products I present here. But you probably already gathered that, as I occasionally say less-than-nice things about some applications, leading you to probably believe they wouldn’t pay me if I asked.

Anywhoo, get in there and check out what’s new wallpapers. Amazon has an option to check what was listed in the last thirty days (or 90) if you ever want to take a look at just the latest stuff. They even have a preview of what is coming up available here.



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