A brief tour of my notifications

So I’ve covered Startup Manager (no space) and Atooma…you’re probably already familiar with G+ notifications and texts and emails. But I also have a few other things lurking in my notifications.

First, with my appetite to try all things cheap or free, I am running Appsales. It primarily covers products available through Google Play, but it notifies me when there are new apps at discounted prices. I can then look at them and decide if its something to pass on (ah, new accounting software–pass) or something I am willing to now try out for the discounted price (the original Tetris, now at only 99 cents!). So far, running it has not added any ads anywhere else but inside the app itself, its free, and it has a four star rating on the Google Play store with over 4,000 downloads as of this writing.

There are a lot of apps to help you find other apps on sale; while most are free, they don’t have a ton of downloads, and I got a referral to this one from a friend, so I skipped my normal diligence in testing those out and went directly to one that works and I actually like. Please enjoy the fruit of my (less) labor.

Next, as you know from previous blog posts, I adore Ingress. A new app, aptly titled Ingress Passcodes,  has been released that takes new passcodes and provides them as notifications to you as soon as they come out, increasing your chances of the codes being actually useful (the codes from my original post are long since used up/retired).

Passcodes are how you can get additional experience points (called AP in the game), as well as extra equipment. A lot of passcodes are used in tie-ins with the products that Google has included within the game; these products are from sponsorships from specific companies who, by paying to be included and offering things like passcodes, help pay to keep Ingress free for the rest of us without pesky ads appearing on our screens. Passcodes, in turn, cause people playing Ingress to visit companies and stores to get those codes, and maybe stick around and try the service/make a purchase.

The DecodeIngress page has a nice article on the affect of passcodes on balance of the Ingress game.

This week’s post is a little short, and my apologies: I’m still recovering from the martian death bug that took me out last week behind the woodshed and beat me senseless (which is why no post then). I’m back at work, but still coughing in that way that causes people to leave a wide berth around my desk. I promise more fun stuff in future posts, just hang in there, and thanks for reading!


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