Live Wallpaper Fancy

As noted previously, I adore live wallpapers. Today’s blog is to update you on some that I have been enjoying recently. 

First, an update on Gauli. I did an entire post on him in January, and since then he’s released two more wallpapers.


The first is Drobita Moon (photo courtesy of Amazon).

This lovely wall paper has no demo version (in fact, the only Gauli that currently has a demo is Star in the Sky), and is a little more expensive than the standard 99 cent wallpapers out there at $1.45, but it has a lot of doohickeys and thing-a-ma-bobs that can be tweaked. It can be light or dark, the little fire flies can be increased or decreased, items can be added or removed from the scene, and if you really want, you can lose the female figure entirely and just enjoy the moon, if you like. To see for yourself, you can view the video here.


The second is Lumosia Glamour (that sounds like a singer’s stage name to me, quite frankly).

It  is my favorite of the two new wallpapers by Gauli; I like the color palette of grays, whites, and reds a bit more than Drobita Moon’s Oranges, grays and whites. It is slightly less expensive than Drobita Moon at $1.23 (I honestly have no idea how he comes up with his live wallpaper pricing–darts at a dart board?), but like all his live wallpapers, there are plenty of options to configure, such as the fireflies and items floating/flying across the screen as well as moving the background around. To see for yourself, view the video here.


I have also fallen for a new wallpaper with very few reviews (only 31 on the Google Play store), called My Log Home.

So far, I haven’t seen any difference between the free version and the paid version, except that I feel slightly better about paying for the paid version and supporting people who make cool things in the hopes they’ll make more cool things.  While you can configure a lot of items on other wallpapers, My Log Home is interactive with the screen. You can turn on the computer, move the chair, swipe to the right and get to the next scene in the log cabin and do things like play pong or watch TV. There’s a spider that occasionally makes an appearance on any screen, and, if you have the accelerometer turned on your phone, it also causes interactions to occur with whatever scene is currently foremost on the screen. So far, this is awesome. The graphics are really good for something so initially ordinary. Note, this bad boy drains your battery VERY quickly because you pay for all that interactivity and high definition. Still, it’ll kill a few seconds here and there, and your friends might think it’s cool (my friends humor me, but I think they think its cool).  For the price of free, you can’t really beat it. 

haunted mansion

So, this is really the wallpaper (almost literally) from Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, even though it’s called Haunted House Live Wallpaper.

Again, its pretty new, with its reviews in the double digits. However, being a huge lover of the wallpaper itself, the Haunted Mansion ride, and purple, it won my heart. The cost is pretty standard for a live wallpaper, 99 cents, and you don’t get a ton of additional interactivity or configuration for your change. However, you can set how often the eyes blink, and on the whole, I really kind of like it. Icons stand out against it very nicely, it’s not too Halloweeny, and again, PURPLE.

So there you have it. What I’ve been up to, lately, in live wallpaper land. Enjoy, and let me know any live wallpapers that you like in the comments.

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