Games, Games, Games: Puzzler Edition

Spring Cleaning reminded me of a lot of games I have but hadn’t tried, and ones that I had tried but forgotten about, as well as tempted me to try new games. Today we’re going to talk about the puzzlers that I liked; future versions of “Games Games Games” will have categories like card games, board games, gamebooks, and puzzle/hidden objects. 


So, I’d like to start with Brainsss. To begin, Brainsss is free, which is always a reasonable price. In Brainsss, you are a zombie mastermind, attempting to use zombies to infect as many people as possible. You do this by clicking around the screen (around obstacles, on people, etc.). Sometimes you directly infect hapless humans, other times you collect several hapless humans before going after bigger game. Some game, such as policemen, are armed, so you only attack from behind. There are additional bonus items to run through/or at and you typically want to achieve the goals for the level your on within a specified time frame (at least in casual mode) in order to get up to three stars.

Unlike games like Angry Birds where stars are a notation at how well you passed the level and nothing else, in Brainsss, you collect stars and can spend them on additional unlockable outfits for the zombie that represents you on the menu screen. Wanna be a zombie in a hot dog suit? Beat those levels fast. You also collect “BB” points (Brains Bucks) during the course of completing levels; these can be spent to purchase “cheats” in the game–such as an increase in zombie speed, for example–to make it easier to pass certain challenging levels. I have yet to find a way to purchase more BB’s, so it seems like its not a fremium additional option for the game, but a value ad for those tight moments when you get stuck that you’ve earned as you’ve played.

Ads appear on the menu at the bottom of the page, but it otherwise doesn’t seem to trigger notifications or any other issues. As you complete levels, you also unlock a comic about people and zombies that slowly unrolls during the course of the game. The graphics are pretty nice, even if cartoony, and it doesn’t seem to be as big a drain on the battery as other games I’ve tried. Levels can take a couple of minutes and provide an interesting challenge. I am especially fond of the “cheat” options as I am one to get very frustrated very quickly with puzzle games, despite the fact I cannot seem to stop trying to play them. So, there you have it: free, lots of in game options, and pretty fun. 


Next on my list of good games is Bag It. A game that involves putting things into supermarket bags would be more sexy than you think. Its a spatial awareness game, where putting items into the bag (where items are sort of randomly shaped and randomly given to you) is required. Unlike Tetris where things are constantly falling, you have choices and some time to make them, but the items have to go into the bag (or bags) by the end of the level. Also, who doesn’t like a pirate watermelon now and then? 

Bag It comes in a free version (ad supported within the game, no notifications outside of it) and in a paid version (no ads). It sounds extremely simple…and is very addicting. Definitely something to do while (to excuse the pun) waiting in line at the grocery store checkout. 


Finally, we get to Cubistry. I ran across it when looking at games on Amazon. I am a huge match game person (Steampunk Memory Training is also a match game, though not 3D like Cubistry. It still rocks if you’re into match games and prefer your match games aimed at people over the age of 16..even the title says “this is cool for adults to play because it doesn’t have cartoon ducks and frogs to look for” by calling it “memory training.”). Cubistry has you matching cubes across all sizes of a six sided cube sitting in a black background. Its a time game no matter the level you select, and its actually very fun and somewhat challenging to think in 3D. Cubistry is also highly integrated with Facebook and other social media so that you can share your conquests (and failures) with your friends if you like that sort of option, but its not required to play. Which is good, because I don’t really want to be tempted to post about my many failures, but silently rejoice in my personal 3D virtual triumphs, instead. 

There will be more puzzle games reviewed in the future, but that’s it for today. Please feel free to leave comments about your favorite puzzlers.




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