Games Games Games (Will She Ever Stop?): Live Wallpaper Edition

Last week I got ill (summer plague going around the office) and my computer died. The computer has resurrected (kind of) and while I’m still recovering, I think we’re both (for now) through the worst of it. So I’m back with more games, this time in live wallpaper format.


I touched on Pixel Zombies in a previous post (just a passing comment in another set of reviews on Gauli) but I feel it deserves a little more attention that that.

As you can see from the screenshot above, every expense has been spared graphically in Pixel Zombies.Otherwise, I guess it would be some other kind of zombie thing. When you load it as your live wallpaper, you get a default number of hunters, zombies, and normal citizens. You also get unlimited nukes. The zombies turn the normal citizens and the hunters (if they touch them) into zombies. The hunters find the zombies (usually by bumbling around the screen) and shoot them from a distance, hopefully killing them. You win based on how you feel about blue or red being the victor. In the base version, you get ads; you can purchase to support them and to remove the ads. Both versions allow you to select the number of hunters and zombies, and to set the size of the nukes. You can participate in the doom/victory of the citizenry by pressing on various parts of the screen, which set off the nukes. The larger the size set, the more coverage of the screen is gotten (and the more pixel people are wiped off the map). I prefer the smallest setting, to try and get a “tactical” nuclear deployment experience. 

Despite far fancier wall papers, I find myself returning to this one over and over again. Its very simple, and as soon as everyone’s a zombie or no one is the game restarts, but I find it endlessly interesting and not a bad price at “free.”


(Note in the same Gauli post I mentioned I Love You Not — pictured above — which is really more a toy and anger management tool than a game, but included with screenshot because I think it’s fun. It retails for 99 cents at Amazon. Keep an eye out for future “toy” posts). 


RPG Live Wallpaper is fun, but I’ve found it a tiny bit clunky. Also available for the low price of “free,” Purchasing the full version (which I haven’t been able to find) will apparently unlock additional options. However, I did enjoy the free one just fine with the options available. You use your finger to guide your protagonist around the screen, and end up having encounters with monsters/villains which result in cash and/or magic items (also levelling you up along the way). The clunky part for me has been trying to move around the screen. If you like calls back to the old 16 bit games where the controller randomly stopped moving your guy for no reason, you’ll like this. It seems to eat up a lot of energy on my phone, as well, wearing down the battery life very fast. I never progressed very far in the game because swearing while slowly trying to move my finger just so overcame my natural desire to hunt and kill monsters in my live wallpaper program. 


Shooting Gallery Live Wallpaper comes in free and a paid version. The free version has ads. It definitely does what it says it will do: you shoot, you hit things, you score. The problem is that I apparently have some kind of phone entertainment ADD, so while I had this on Grace (my Samsung Galaxy S3) for a while, it is no longer there. I mean, I like shooting things, and it makes great sounds (if you have that turned on) and its always on (since it’s a live wallpaper) so you don’t have to call it up (like a game). However, it gets old kind of fast, despite the various options and additional level opportunities and mysteriously flying Captain America-esque shields with targets on them. It does eat as much energy as RPG Live Wallpaper, but certainly more than Pixel Zombies. The visuals are actually very good for a free game (very 3D aspects to the game), so on the whole, a good deal…but only if you really like shooting games. 


Last and (kind of) least, is also a shooting game live wall paper, more in the style of Bubble Bauble, is Space Junk. Your shooter is fixed in the center of the screen and you shoot a wide variety of junk that flies over head. The free version has ads, and while there is a lot of space junk, the game gets older faster than Shooting Gallery because of the fixed shooting position. I’m all for killing the occasional alien as well as satellite, and being an astronaut typically beats the hell out of being in the old west for me, but that’s where the allure stops. If I had ADD with Shooting Gallery, I just tried this game once and put it down. Still, for free, and if you like shooting games with an outer space theme, this might be the game for you. It eats up a little more energy on your system than the Shooting Game (not sure why, as I ran both free versions).

So, there you go. Blow things away at your own discretion in whatever theme you like best.

As always, if you find something you like and want me to review, please let me know! Enjoy these, and I’ll continue on the road to recovery (and hopefully my computer will, too). 


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