More Wallpapers: A Volcano, a Stick Man, and Retro Fighting

Breaking up my summer obsession with games, I bring to you another installment of “cool wallpapers I think are nifty.”


Let’s start with the volcanic live wall paper, called Island Nights. You get some good visuals and options  for the price of 99 cents. The camera opens on an island (as you’d expect from the name) with a hut, dock, fire pit, tiki mask, hammock, mountains, etc. Things get interesting with the volcano in the background that is slightly erupting (enough to look cool, but not enough to destroy the small camp you’re looking at). There is a sign post (which you can customize), a name for the village posted (which you can also customize), how much smoke you want out of the volcano, tiki torches (which you can choose to have lit or not as well as whether or not they flicker), fireflies (which you can disable or enable…honestly, when I have the chance to have fireflies, I take that chance), foliage, and the moon. You can decide to remove the moon, or what phase you’d like of it, and you can add shooting stars (one, none, or a meteor shower). The camera, per default, does some gentle panning, though you can alter that in the settings. You can also alter the performance settings, one of the first times in these 3D panoramic wall papers that I’ve seen that option. Thus, you can control how much of your battery is sucked out by this wall paper. You can zoom, swoop left and right. I find it soothing; I also find that, like a lot of live wallpapers, it does eat your battery, but its nice to be able to determine just how fast (without having to change to a non live wallpaper) using the settings. It is also called Island Nights, so you pretty much get a night scene, always.  I’m pretty happy with this one, and am keeping it in my regular rotation.


Next, I’m reviewing Stick Man Fun Live Wallpaper. It is important to note the exact name of the wall paper, because there are A LOT of wall papers featuring stick people. One that I will not mention by name nor link to has the stickman doing things you really don’t want your kids seeing. So this one is much more PG rated. I’d rate it entirely G, but I’m not sure how you all feel about alien abduction, stick people doing “the worm” dance move (as in the image above), or stick people that have a lot of flatulence while they’re sleeping. Those are a few, but not all, of the animations this little stick guy will do on your screen. On the whole it’s cute, but it gets old kind of fast; the animations run fast and you go through them very frequently.  Despite being free, it appears there are no ads in this version, which does make up for a bit of repetitiveness. Finally, it doesn’t seem to chug the energy too much, which is good, because it’s really not doing that much, even as a live wallpaper.


Lastly, I’m going to take a look at Retro Fighter Wallpaper. While you don’t actually watch any fights or run any fighters (this is a wallpaper, after all), it re-creates many 16 bit landscapes where such side scrolling fighters used to take place. From the wheat fields of Mars (yes, really) to the pagodas of Atlantis (also, yes, really) and a lot of different environments in between, your screen can remind you of yesteryear and mashing multiple buttons together in an effort to beat the tar out of your friends in a fighting game.  I love the slow pan through the environment, and the old fashioned pixelated, animated graphics. The wall paper is free, but you do see ads when you are in the settings selecting which of the environments you want to pan through as your wallpaper. This wallpaper had better performance than Island Nights, but it is a lot less complex than Island Nights and therefore requires less energy over the long run.

That’s it for now. As always, if there’s anything you’d like me to review, please leave a comment. Enjoy!



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