TripIt – Part 2: The Aftermath

For those of you who read TripIt – Part 1, your wait for TripIt — Part 2 is over.

Last weekend I flew to San Jose, then returned to Seattle via San Francisco. 

To start my journey, TripIt updated me with the fact that the day of my travel – last Friday – a new flight at exactly the same time had been posted on the Alaska Airlines site, and that it was expected to take 8 minutes less than my current flight. I got an email, and I saw it when I logged into TripIt at the airport in anticipation of checking in. TripIt then wanted to know which of the two flights was my actual flight for the day, and offered the option to select. 

Upon selecting a flight, TripIt kicked me completely out of the program and requested I sign in. 

Signing in led to the main screen. I could click for info on my original flight (as I could before the “new” flight info had been added), but I could still see the “conflict” at the top that it wanted me to clear up. On clicking it, I was faced with the two flights. I clicked one and…was immediately signed out. Again. 

Giving up on that, I used my flight number info with my other info to get my ticket and board my plane. I imagine that if that updated info had been anything other than an updated time in the air I would have appreciated knowing about it, but I would have appreciated it not repeatedly telling me about it and then logging me out. 

The flight home was fairly normal; I again referenced it (its nice to have all my info in one place, even if I do have to click three times to get to it, rather than having to search my email, find it, scan the email for disparate pieces of data, etc.). 

Today, to do this review, I opened it to see if I could load the screen with the two flight times for a screenshot. Instead, I received plain, blank screen that informed me I had no further flights. The top right had what looked like a drop down, and I clicked on it–and the entire application crashed. 

I clicked the application to load it again, and the screen is completely different than the screen that crashed. It is the screen I saw every day up to my flights, except that it doesn’t show any flights as “active” or “upcoming.” 

My final verdict here is that I should probably try TripIt again, but later. I need to give the team behind it more time to smooth out the bugs in the free version before I’d even contemplate the “no ads” version, let alone the Pro version. Its a decent idea: a way to grab the important data needed for trips and travel into one or two screens that are right at your fingertips, and make it easy to share or use that data. However, my experience with a printed email (with appropriate data highlighted by hand) was equivalent to the use of the application, and in terms of work needed to get to the data, clicking through TripIt was only slightly faster. Add in the crashes and the complications of duplicate flights on the same day, and the piece of paper is looking awfully good as a viable alternative to this application.

I imagine if I had hotel, car, plane, and events to manage it would, however, beat the heck out of tons of pieces of paper; my husband often prints everything and carries a folder with us when we travel, and TripIt would certainly be better than that. However, its just not making me comfortable with its overall reliability in kicking me out of the app unexpectedly and crashing in its usage. 

My recommendation: pass on TripIt. For now. I will probably try it a year from now when the developers have had some more time to kick out bugs. It’s a nice idea, but only mediocrely executed, and it has more than a few bugs to fix before I’ll feel reliable using it solo as my means of managing myself and my loved ones far from home. 


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