More Gauli!

As many of you are aware, I have a Live Wallpaper habit. Further, I adore the Live Wallpaper artist, Gauli.

You know where this is going, right?

Gauli has released two wallpapers that are new to to me! For those of you who love his lusciously long limbed ladies, you’ll be slightly disappointed because this is all about things, and not pretty faces (and unusual bodies).


The first, and newest, is called Sky Islands. In downloading this live wallpaper, Islands in the sky float around each other (much as you’d expect from the name).

It kind of amuses me that the first lines in the Amazon App Store where I got this wallpaper read “Breathe calm, now you are floating between Sky Islands…” However, like most people, I do not breathe calm when I can’t download things I wanna download when I want to download them. It doesn’t appear to be a feature of the app itself, just the persnickety nature of my phone, Grace, and the fact I was downloading other stuff shortly before it. However, I’m not really in a zen mood at this point. Note: Chrome’s spellchecker knows how to spell “persnickety” (you learn something new everyday).

In this wallpaper, Gauli is trying something a little new. If you download the free version of Sky Islands, connecting to Facebook and liking it or making a comment about it will unlock the full feature set of the wall paper. Alternately, you can spend $1.45 and get the fully unlocked wallpaper.

However you choose to unlock it, you can change the current theme’s colors, manage the transition between day and night, choose weather, select among objects available, allow for auto-panning across multiple screens, and allows you to select multiple screens against which to auto pan.

Despite its initial frustrating start, its calming influence is truth in advertising. This is the live wallpaper currently in use on my phone (goodbye lovely jellyfish, I’ll miss you).


The second and just discovered (by me), Nautilus, takes you on an amazing underwater adventure. You’ll note the image is not actually one straight from the wallpaper (though the nautilus image is predominant in the live wallpaper itself), and that’s because for some reason when marketing this they felt the need to fill the empty space through which the vessel floats with text about the product, which looks kind of stupid and “trying too hard by their marketing department” for me.

However, if you want to watch what the wallpaper looks like in motion, I have managed to embed it here. It’s kind of delicious if you ask me.

The Nautilus live wallpaper, like many of Gauli’s extremely detailed and beautiful works (see how I’m totally sucked in?) is over my base $2 limit for Android apps. However, I feel it delivers in style, options, and overall beauty. There is no free version of this app. From the options page, you can control the depth the Nautilus goes, the speed, the ability to zoom in and out on the vessel, other objects in the wallpaper (and their availability), and the affects of interacting with the wallpaper, such as touching altering the depth control or speeding things up, straight from the wallpaper itself (and not from the options).

Of the two, Sky Islands has won me over a little more than Nautilus, but I find, like all the Gauli wallpapers, that I love them both. What can I say? I’m a sucker for an artist.  Which is weird, because I married a scientist. That’s a kind of artist I suppose.

Until next time!

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